Edi Frommenwiler MV Pindito Liveaboard Indonesia

designed by ScubaVision
stock footage by Edi Frommenwiler
stock footage of  Ascidians Tunicats
stock footage of  Beauty shots
stock footage of  Cephalopods
stock footage of  Cnidarians Jellyfish
stock footage of  Crustaceans
stock footage of  Fish
stock footage of  Molluscs
stock footage of  Reptiles
stock footage of  Segmentetworms
stock footage of  Starfish Sea Urchins Sea Cucumbers
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Edi Frommenwiler
Globetrotter, Adventurer, Underwater-Videographer, Owner & Constructor of the liveaboard MV Pindito
© copyright by Eckhardt Krumpholz
Edi Frommenwiler, owner & operator
of the liveaboard MV Pindito
© copyright by Thomas Reich, www.scubavision.de
MV Pindito anchoring near the
volcano island of Sangeang, Indonesia