Video Clips Underwater Macro Critters

designed by ScubaVision
stock footage by Edi Frommenwiler
stock footage of  Ascidians Tunicats
stock footage of  Beauty shots
stock footage of  Cephalopods
stock footage of  Cnidarians Jellyfish
stock footage of  Crustaceans
stock footage of  Fish
stock footage of  Molluscs
stock footage of  Reptiles
stock footage of  Segmentetworms
stock footage of  Starfish Sea Urchins Sea Cucumbers
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Welcome to ReefClips
Since 1992, Edi films underwater; in 1996 he turned into a true professional. He improved and expanded his equipment over the time. At the moment, he uses a Sony VX 2000 in a Light & Motion housing that shows the wear of the abundance of his many dives. The lighting equipment is by Light & Motion & Sealux. However, the days of this combination are numbered. A new Sony HDV Z1 already waits for its first task underwater.